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  • ISO 50001 new std for energy management system is an effective way to reduce your energy consumption in the industry.
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ISO 50001, Energy Management Standard

Energy Management Standard

Energy efficiency in industry is mostly achieved by changing how energy is managed, rather than by installing new technologies. TÜV Rheinland can help your company adhere to an energy management standard by integrating energy efficiency into existing industrial or commercial management systems. This makes it easy to improve on efficiency continuously.

Our experts are well versed in the ISO 50001 energy management standard and are here to help you with energy management standard certification, so your organization can make signifcant gains in energy efficiency.

Benefits At A Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for energy management standard certification, you:

• Ensure that you have implemented the right energy management controls in place with the help of our experts’ know-how

• Rely on our one-stop testing and certification services for energy management based on our extensive service network
and knowledge of the latest key energy management policy information and regulations

• Identify areas where energy consumption of products we test can be reduced, in line with our mission to ensure that
products have the least possible impact on human health and the environment

• Take advantage of our assistance you in the implementation of an energy management plan that helps you to:

• Develop an energy use baseline
• Actively manage energy use and costs
• Reduce emissions without impacting operations negatively
• Continue to improve energy use and product output over time

Our Services

TÜV Rheinland provides value-added assessment services for energy efficiency performance and energy-saving measures to help organizations implement energy management systems.

Services include:

• Energy assessment
• Construction of energy and material balance
• Efficiency evaluation
• Identification and prioritization of energy-saving measures
• Analysis of technical and financial feasibility of energy saving measures
• Proposal of energy-efficient technologies and alternate energy sources
• Regular surveillance assessment for ensuring sustainability

For any technical enquiry please contact Mr. Girish Karandikar

Current Status of Energy Management Standard Regulations

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) initiated work on an international energy management standard in 2008, with preparatory assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and expects the final standard to be released in 2011.

Several countries already have national energy management standards (including Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the US, Thailand, and Korea).

The EU has developed a regional energy management standard, and energy management standards are being developed in China, Spain, and Brazil.

ISO 50001 Energy Management Scope

The ISO 50001 Energy Management Standad is a new international energy management standard, which specifies energy management system requirements for organizations to develop and implement policies and objectives that take all relevant legal obligations into account. Standardisation in the field of energy management includes the following factors:

• Energy supply
• Procurement practices for energy-using equipment and systems
• Energy use and related disposal issues
• Measurement of current energy use
• Implementation of a measurement system to document, report, and validate continuous improvements in the area of energy management

Applied Scope

ISO 50001 energy management standard certification applies to all kinds of industries who want to establish energy management systems.

Industries specifically affected by the standard include the following:

• Steel
• Metal
• Coal
• Electricity
• Chemicals
• Construction
• Paper
• Textile
• Cement

For any technical enquiry please contact Mr. Girish Karandikar