Latest News

  • ISO 9001:2015 new revision under process
  • ISO 14001:2004 under revision for new edition
  • ISO 50001 new std for energy management system is an effective way to reduce your energy consumption in the industry.
  • SA 8000 is a requirment for many international tenders related to projects.
ISO Online Consultancy

Our on-line ISO consulting program is suitable for any kind of organization of any size, nature and location. Companies that need minimum disruption of their operation and would like to save consultant's huge onsite consulting fees along with travel expenses must go for our online consulting.

As par the requirements of the standard dictate, we will help you build a short quality manual, work instructions, formats, a set of processes either in flowchart or office document form

Once we are confident your manuals meet the requirements of the standard, we complete a gap analysis of your system vs your practice and help you implement your system by keeping in regular contact with you during this period. This will most likely including having some tele / net meetings in order to help you establish new objectives for your processes

Once your systems is in place we help you conduct audits and management review (this can be conducted over the web, but audits are better completed in person)

Not only this, we can assimilate any issues and help manage objective setting and reporting for you for easy analysis on a regular basis, simply presenting you with the numbers when you need them. We can chase your team members around giving the elements you decide important the weight they deserve.