Latest News

  • ISO 9001:2015 new revision under process
  • ISO 14001:2004 under revision for new edition
  • ISO 50001 new std for energy management system is an effective way to reduce your energy consumption in the industry.
  • SA 8000 is a requirment for many international tenders related to projects.

Quality needs no introduction. It is mandatory requirement for any kind of business in the world. In today’s competitive world one expects Top quality at lowest price and to survive in the market, Industry wants to achieve this without affecting the profit margins which is possible using ISO principles.

Till date completed more than 300 certifications all over India & abroad.

II What Services We Offer

Consultancy for ISO 9000/14000/18000/22000/27000/50000/TS

Conduct internal and performance audits for all the above certifications

Give training for ISO awareness and internal auditing

III How ISO Certification Adds Value To Your Business Profit

Sales and market improvements

ISO is accepted all over the world as a symbol of management commitment towards achieving Quality of product/service on a consistent basis.

Operational improvements

Establishment of process control parameters and targets to monitor rejections in process, business policy , responsibility and authority of all staff members,Management needs to monitor the achievement levels through audits so as to make right decision at right time

IV Our Role To Achieve ISO Certification

Define all processes and procedures for timely delivery of end products or services
Train all the staff about their roles and reporting system
Conduct internal audit and management review And apply for certification

V Conditions For Application Of ISO Certifications

Company has to fulfill legal norms with respect to business and taxation, no limit for number of employees, turnover, no of locations and products or services.

VI Costing And Completion Time For Implementation Of ISO Std.

Approx time limit will be from 3 –6 months, Costing will depend upon- business, employees, locations and type of certification and purpose of certification

VII Our major customers:L&T, Reliace, M&M, Saraswat bank, BASF,JNPT


How to identify the right customer

Ref customer information sheet/enquiry status report and business plan

Business Focus

Location –Mumbai ,Navi-mumbai,,Thane Pune ,Nashik,Vapi ,Baroda and Ahemedabad In India And Thailand, UAE and Turkastan

Types of business/companies

Approx turnover of the company –From 1 Cr to 50 Cr and above per year No of employees and locations—from 1 to 10000 and locations –Any number Other conditions—compliance to statutory norms of business and taxation

Company not certified for any ISO Certification

PRIVATE COMPANY—Export business/MATERIAL suppliers OR SERVICE PROVIDERS to companies like TATA,L&T,M&M,AUTO COMPANIES,INFRA PROJECTS/Company quoting for govt tenders

Company certified for ISO can be given additional certification



Customer communication
company profile /bio-data/manpower details/list of clients/quotation/benefits to his business/FAQ

Methods of follow up

In case contact is thru ref follow the ref/in case general then contact top management,follow thru mail two times then by tel max 3 times and lastly by one meeting-- indicate details in the enquiry register

On receipt of customer purchase order

How to update the information about our company and business


Terms and conditions of contract


Benefits we share


Working formats

Enquiry status report,Customer information sheet, Payment status report,Customer feedback form

Details from SGQ ON RECEIPT OF Customer order

Period of contract:

Clause no.1:Distributor details
Contact tel no.—landline
Mail id
Emergency Contact person
Passport details
PAN card details
BANK Account details
Work Experience
Areas of interest
Languages known
PC details and anti-virus used
Vehicle details
Manpower details
Insurance details
Exposure to ISO certification
Contacts with certification body
Family details
Association with Prof. Organizations
Blood Group
Medical History in brief

Clause no.2:Scope Of Work

ISO consultancy marketing
Documentation related to iso certification
Training on ISO system awareness
Internal auditing


Any confidential and proprietary information including but not limited to financial information and information relating to the other Party’s products, techniques, scientific processes, terms of this Agreement, business plans, future projections, financial information and modes of merchandising, marketing techniques, the disclosure of which would be detrimental to the other Party’s interests (“Confidential Information”), received or acquired by one Party from the other Party in pursuance of this Agreement shall be treated by the recipient as highly confidential and shall not be used or disclosed to any third party, person and / or entity by the recipient (except as provided in this Agreement or any other agreement between the Parties) without the prior written consent of the disclosing Party.

The provisions of the above sub-clause shall not apply to any information which the recipient can prove:

(a) is in, or later comes into, the public domain otherwise than by breach of this Agreement or any other agreement between the Parties;

(b) was in the possession of the recipient prior to its receipt from the disclosing Party;

(c) is independently received by the recipient from a third party who is free from any obligations not to disclose it;

(d) was created or developed by its employees independently of the information received or acquired from the disclosing Party; or

(e) it is bound by applicable laws or regulations to disclose, but only to the extent that the recipient is so bound.

Both Parties shall ensure that all of its employees, directors, sub-licensees, sub-contractors and any other person to whom disclosure is to be made in accordance with this Agreement are bound by the confidentiality undertakings in the terms of this Clause prior to disclosure of any Confidential Information. The terms of this Clause shall survive the expiry and / or termination of this Agreement.

Clause no.3: Competitor Study

Location - Single and multi location rights
Certifications offered
Name and cost of the certification body
Time of completion
Customer Details and feedback
Limitations of services

Clause no.4: Distributor Investment

Time allocation for meeting customers and for progress review
Usage of contacts
PC and internet facility
Mobile and landline telephone .number
One time Non –refundable Contract Amount :Rs 2000/--towards office expenses

Clause no.5:Types Of ISO Certification Covered

ISO 9000/14000/18000/22000/27000/50000/TS 16949

Clause no.6:Working Rules

Communication with our company will cover
Customer visits and Work orders
Internal audit reports
Documents as applicable
Company profile
Training records sheet
Invoice and Payment status
ISO update

Clause no.7: Customer Communication

Quotation –to be forwarded after confirmation with Mr GIRISH:9819325334
Company profile to be submitted as per the request of customer
Payment status report—to be updated once in every month by 3rd working day

Clause no.8: Dress Code And General Rules

Timings for communication—9 to 7 from Monday to Saturday for any type of communication
Dress code for customer visit--formal
Loss of customer property/information-inform our office through visit report

Clause no.9: Progress Review

Monthly review sheet –to indicate business gained and payment received update every 5 th working day of month for the data upto 31st of the previous month
Quarterly meeting at our office for one hour in 1 st week of new quarter

Clause no.10: Visiting Cards and Mail Id

Cards with business advisor designation—will be provided by us
Hotmail id for the distributor to be created by the distributor and need to communicate to our company on till the expiry of the contract.

Clause no.11: Customer Visits

Use of safety devices and guidelines to be followed for any visit to customer office or factory
Any damage caused due to any reason related to non-following of the customer safety guidelines will be to the distributors account. Distributor must obtain customer clearance in writing on the customer letterhead for taking any material or data from customer premises.

Clause no.12: SGQ Details

Presentations and other soft records will be issued through mail.
Our company material and property as per the requirements and approval from SGQ office.

Clause no.13: Travel And Tour Expenses

Local within Mumbai to be accounted by the distributor
Out of station expenses will be reimbursed only when approved by our company before visit is planned And expenses to be settled within one week of tour completion.

Clause no.14:Hotel Stay And Gifting

Hotel stay or hotel expenses while visiting the customer will be taken care by the distributor and any gifting necessary for the marketing purpose will also be decided by the distributor on his/her own cost and we will not be compensating the distributor for the same.

Clause no.15: Sub-Contract

One can internally sub-contract he marketing work to the individual or a company at their own risk and we do not take any responsibility for the dealings done by them with the distributor, our profit sharing will be as per the terms indicated to the distributor at the time of appointment.

Clause no.16:Insurance


All manpower used by the distributor including the distributor have to have their own arrangement for covering life and accident insurance.
Material/machinery of customer and our company—
In case of any damage caused by the team of distributor to the customer property or data during their interaction with the customer distributor will be entirely responsible to compensate the same as per the conditions set by the customer.
Vehicle insurance—
Distributor to ensure the vehicle insurance and availability of legal papers associated with them.Any damage caused to the distributor vehicle due to any reason will be the sole responsibility of the distributor.

Clause no.17: Renewal And Termination Of Contract

Renewal is subject to performance and will be reviewed every quarter jointly .Termination can occur due to following reasons :Due to behavior—will be solely our decision
Due to breach of contract terms—in case such evidence is found by us
Due to customer complaint—due to any complaint received from any of our customers
Due to non-achievement of targets—will be indicated through the monthly review sheet
Communication will be made in writing to the Distributor office from G K ENTERPRISE.

Clause no.18:Post Termination Conditions

Related to work details—Notice of one month to be give from either side with reason for the same. Work details in hand to be transferred to our office staff for necessary action.
Related to payment—Payment due till the termination of contract will be settled in one month time from the date of acceptance of the termination from our office head.
Distributor will unconditionally return all our documents and any other details given to them during the course of contract and ensure abiding by non-disclosure agreement

Clause no.19:Legal Issues And Distributor Authority

Related to usage of our name and data
We allow usage of our name only for submission of offers /presentations purpose only.We do not allow our distributors to accept orders on our behalf.Distributor is expected to take our order acceptance in writing for being eligible for benefits.

Related to using our customer details

Our customer name in the client list can be used without any permission but we do not allow our distributor to use our customer details without written permission from the management of the customer company.

Related to Distributor’s office staff

Participation in ISO marketing services by the staff will be the decision by the distributor and we will not compensate any amount to the distributor for the expenses incurred by them for ISO related work. We also expect that the distributor staff who works for us is in total agreement with the terms we offer to the distributor. We will not have any responsibility towards the insurance ,PF,ESIC, Prof .tax or any other expenses towards fulfillment of statutory and regulatory rules of state and central government.

Related to our staff

All communication with our company shall be through our mail id – and any communication made to any other account will not be treated as official and legal communication.

All communication with our staff will be in writing form only .We do not entertain any communication between our staff and distributor other than the business issues to be sorted at both ends.


If, for any reason or resulting from any cause whatsoever, any statement, representation or warranty set forth herein is found to have been materially incorrect, untrue when made, in breach or fails to prove to be true, and if any debt, liability or other obligation of any kind is found to exist different from those set out in this Agreement, the Party making such representation or warranty shall be fully liable to the other Party for any and all liability, damage, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, arising from such misrepresentation, breach or incorrect statement.

Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for any consequential, indirect, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages based on any claim arising out of this Agreement.

The Parties shall take action to mitigate any damages as a result of, arising from, or in connection with, or relating to (i) any matter inconsistent with, or any breach of, the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement and (ii) the non-performance (in whole or in part) or breach of any covenants or agreements contained in this Agreement, including, without limitation, if required by law.

The right to indemnification of either Party and the right of either Party to claim damages or other remedy based on the representations, warranties, covenants, obligations and responsibilities contained in this Agreement shall not be affected by any investigation conducted with respect to, or any knowledge acquired (or capable of being acquired) at any time, with respect to the accuracy or inaccuracy of or

compliance or non-compliance with, any such representation, warranty, covenant, obligation or agreement.

It is further expressly agreed by the Parties that SGQ shall in no way be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage as a consequence of any negligence by the DISTRIBUTOR while dealing with the clients / consultation provided by SGQ and / or subject matter experts engaged by SGQ involving the use of the management systems and the Distributor herein expressly indemnifies SGQ against the same.

Clause no.20:Profit Sharing

This will be one time for any order received by our company on following conditions.
For generation of enquiry which is converted in order by our staff—
2% of the consultant contract made with the customer
For giving direct order from the customer—
4% of the consultant contract made with the customer
For giving direct single order from the customer worth Rs 15 Lac and above—
7% of the consultant contract made with the customer
Profit sharing is only with the distributor and not with the associates directly or indirectly involved in the process of work.
Distributor is expected to submit the invoice in our form within 7 working days of receipt of customer payment.
For marketing related profit sharing
Customer need to indicate your name as referred by in the work order issued to SGQ and indicate your quotation details as ref for release of payment.
In case of enquiry sharing our office will release the payment only when details are indicated in the enquiry status form given to the distributor at the time of contract.
For Documentation, Awareness training and Internal audit related profit sharing
Our company shall release written work order indicating scope of work and payment will be released against completion of the work indicated in the work order.

Clause no.21:Payment Terms And Mode Of Payment

On receipt of customer payment :within 15 days --Payment of distributor against the invoice shall be paid through cheque.
Other options as per mutual agreement
TDS will be applicable as per the Income tax rules

Clause no.22: Performance Bonus And Benefits

In case target sale of 1 Crore is achieved in the financial year then award of Rs 2lacs will be paid in addition to the profit sharing indicated in clause no 20 above.
In case Documentation ,training and internal auditing is completed on time for the entire year then performance bonus of Rs 2 Lacs will paid over and above the profit sharing indicated in clause no 20.

Clause no.23:SGQ: List Of Documents

Customer information sheet
Customer visit report
Enquiry status report
Order Acceptance
Payment status report
Progress review meeting
Invoice form
Distributor performance sheet
Internal audit report

Clause no.24:Details Needed From The Distributor:

PAN card
Passport copy
Bank Account details—Cancelled cheque of the account
Qualification details
Experience certificates
Internal /lead auditor certificate
Insurance of self and vehicle (as applicable)
Emergency contact details
Nearest Hospital and Doctor details

Clause no.25: Intellectual Property Rights

SGQ acknowledges and agrees that it shall retain worldwide and perpetual rights, title and interest in and to any specific consultation advice/material/proprietary information/presentations etc which may be provided by SGQ to the distributor and the distributor hereby undertakes not to deal either commercially and /or non-commercially with such provided advice /material/proprietary information/presentations in any manner whatsoever.

The distributor hereby undertakes to do any and all acts and all acts and execute any and all documents in such manner and at such locations as may be required by SGQ in its sole discretion in order to protect perfect or enforce any of the rights granted or confirmed to SGQ ENTERPRISE and pursuant ot this clause.

We unconditionally accept all the terms and conditions indicated in the above contract covering clause no 1 to 24 from pages 1 to 7 and Shall ensure the growth of SGQ by using technical knowledge and skills to achieve the set target and customer satisfaction.